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About us

Welcome to 1DOWN Biker Supply House.  

Are you frustrated by the overwhelming amount of options in motorcycle apparel, parts & accessories?  Well, 1DOWN founder, Goldie DeWitt, decided to take matters into his own hands and bring you nothing but the best.  

His philosophy is simple - He doesn't offer any apparel, parts or accessories he wouldn't wear himself or currently use on any of his very own motorcycles.  "We are experts on the products we offer and we strive to provide our customers with all necessary information to ensure they walk away reassured the gear they bought is right for them". 1DOWN Biker Supply House is built on the principles of excellent customer service.   

We have a wide selection of motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves, boots and helmets for every budget. If you are a Harley Davidson junkie, we can handle all your motorcycle service, apparel, parts & accessory needs from head to toe.

  • Specializing in Harley Davidson service & repair.
  • Motorcycle Sales
  • Motorcycle tires, aftermarket parts & accessories..
  • 1 day turn around on most special orders for items not in stock.

We do not claim to be the biggest motorcycle retailer in the world. We do not carry millions of motorcycle related products. That is not our goal. What we can promise you is that you will end up buying quality products you will love.

Goldie Dewitt Kurt Sutter

 Goldie DeWitt / Founder

1DOWN Biker Supply House was birthed from a company that started back in 1996 by Goldie DeWitt.  Over the years 1DOWN has gained a very strong & popular reputation through out Southern California and going Worldwide from being featured on hit television show Sons Of Anarchy, seasons 2-7.
Hi there! My name is Goldie DeWitt, Owner and Founder of 1DOWN.  My passion for motorcycles has lead me to open a motorcycle shop in the Inland Empire right here in San Bernardino, CA to help service those looking for more than just a typical motorcycle shop. 
…Goldie has that eye:
Over the past several years, Goldie has created some of the baddest bikes in Southern California.  His unique style and concepts are unmatched.  Now that Goldie has opened up a motorcycle shop, you can now buy things from 1DOWN Biker Supply House that Goldie kept a secret.