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Questions and Answers about Royal Honey

These are the Questions we have received countless of times. No Worries, Royal Honey of 1DOWN MFG was created to Clear up all the confusing questions and even myths regarding Royal Honey and Royal Jelly. 

  • Q:  What is up with the claim of Fake Royal Honey?
  • A: Yes, it is true! There are “fake” royal honey being manufactured and some of them have been known to make people sick while others are just a sachet of uneffective honey! We urge all people to order directly from us so you know you getting the real thing! You wanna save a dollar or you want the real deal?  Trust me you in the right hands! 

                  There are 5-7 manufacturer’s of Kingdom Royal Honey VIP. Each with the manufacturer’s own different colored wings on their Bee, located on each Sachet. Which brings me to my next comment, The truth is that there are many (around 5-7) manufacturers who manufacture and supply perfectly fine and authentic Malaysian Royal Honey. (Yes they must originate from Malaysia to be authentic). The Only Difference is some are made with better quality.

Of Course We Have Proof of our Claim that there are multiple manufacturers, Take A Look  At the Photo below.

  • Q: How long does it take for US domestic orders to arrive? Explain the order process.
  • A: Once an order is made, We are immediately notified via Email & Text. We immediately package the order in a plain discrete package. We then Print our shipping Labels through USPS and shortly after you will receive a Tracking Confirmation email with a tracking number. We ship out packages once a day,  mid-Noon in order we maximize our efficiency in regards to our shipping time. We take our shipping time seriously...  that's why we offer same Day Shipping! Within 24 hours of completing an order, the client will have received a tracking number. Once shipped via USPS Priority mail, it should take 2-3 Business days to arrive to any valid United States address, and 1-2 business days for USPS Express Priority. *Shipping times may vary due to Shipping delays.  
  • Q: Do you Ship International?
  • A: NO we only ship American Domestic due to international customs seizing royal honey orders. We also ship Discrete with No labels or stickers implying Royal Honey. 

Mission statements  "Supply America with Royal Honey Fortified with Royal Jelly & Herbal Extracts!" Our Goal is to provide the best Royal Honey purchasing experience with the best Quality Products and Customer Service.

Company policies – We do not offer a refund on the Royal Honey VIP products.

Executive profiles – Goldie DeWitt (Owner of 1DOWN MFG): "A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. By God's Grace and Good Will he will make us the top Royal Honey Seller in America! I give all credit to the Lord and the fearlessness he gave me to be able to run my businesses as smooth and effective as possible since 1996. Not to Brag but 27 years is something to be proud of!

                   -Guaranteed Authentic “made in malaysia” Royal Honey

                   -Same Day Shipping (all paid orders are shipped within 24 hours of checkout)

                   -Free Tracking Number With every order so you can track your package as it arrives.

                   -Don't Feel Ready to commit to a Whole Box? No worries we are the only U.S Domestic Royal Honey Supplier to offer individual sachet purchases.

                   -Buy with Confidence!

ABOUT GOLDIE: As Owner of 1DOWN MFG, Goldie, takes pride in his specialty of supplying high quality Royal Honey, fortified with royal jelly and herbal extracts. He takes every order serious as if it were his own. Goldie personally Thanks you for visiting 1DOWN MFG and taking the time to look into his company.