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Stage 1 Flash BMW K1600 B/GA/GT/GTL

Stage 1 Flash BMW K1600 B/GA/GT/GTL

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Huge power and rideability improvements — turn the bike into the one you dreamed it would be!


Product Description

The BrenTuning Stage 1 Flash K1600B/GA/GT/GTL is the single best modification you can do to the motorcycle!

After weeks of testing we have had successfully calibrated our in-house test bike, a 2018 K1600B Grand America. This calibration will work for all B/GA/GT/GTL bikes as the ECU’s are the same with minor difference between them. The biggest complaints from owners revolved around the pitiful throttle response and of course, the terribly restrictive top speed limiter (GA especially which we found to be around 105MPH). We have collected all the information and each software revisions per US and EU.

First we baselined the motorcycle in 100% stock ECU form, the motorcycle we used for testing has around 8,000 miles and was well broken in. In stock configuration we found all the talk of poor throttle was spot on, we also found the bike hit the speed limiter in the top of 3rd gear, with 3 more gears to go — frustrating to say the least, especially on a bike of this nature. The power flattened out and the motor was very rich and under-timed.

We first started by locating the ECU, this is on the right hand side of the bike if you are sitting on it right on the front / nose portion (visible in the pictures, the silver square is the ECU). We will have a how-to video on this in the near future to detail how to access this but it is straight forward and pretty simple. After removing the ECU, we read it out and defined the most important tables one by one. The ECUs are identical to those found in the S1000RR as is the map structure which we are most familiar with. What this means is that the architecture of the ECU and how to modify it was natural for us. What works on S1000’s in many cases directly translates directly to this ECU and motorcycle.

Our first goal was to locate the speed limiter tables, after doing so we tested and found the limiter to be removed completely with speeds up to 170+ tested on the dyno (not recommended for street at all). After figuring out the top speed limiter, we broke into the horsepower tables, because who doesn’t want more HP? What we found was plenty of power to be made on the K1600 with small modifications that are still very, very safe and conservative, not to jeopardize the longevity of the bike. We found HP gains of +18HP with a climbing HP curve from 5000RPM to redline. We did this by modifying the throttle which is stuck at 75% max opening in factory configuration and torque along with light changes to ignition timing and torque along with other tables that have proven to work great in the BMW tuning world. We found exactly what the K1600 engine likes with many revisions and hours of testing. It likes these changes without any stress, heavily advanced timing, or lean mixtures.

We achieved this through a few (simple) modifications:

The 2014+ have multiple torque limiters that starts to taper lower after 5500 rpm (mimicking the factory hp chart). BMW adjusts them all differently from the 2014 motor. This can be set to 100% power.

The top speed limiter we can adjust to the GTL spec of 138-140MPH (per our findings and testing), or fully remove completely.

We have mapping for 89, to 93 based off ignition and fuel testing. 91+ works best from our testing.

Finally, we worked out the throttle. Many complaints have revolved around the dull throttle. We had multiple customers say they wish they could make the throttle like that of their 2014-15 BMW K1600. What we did here was overlay the 2014 style throttle maps with the 2018 bike. We found what was different and changed them over to the 14 style on our test bike. It is 38% softer for the 2018. Thankfully the 2014 settings work on the 2018 without issue. We took it out on the street for a long ride and it was completely different, huge improvement.

For our customers worried about warranty, we heard you loud and clear. We have tested this with our in house OEM BMW dealer tools and found that this flash is UNDETECTABLE at a dealer level! This file was tested with ISTAP for red flags, coding, and codes remain identical to stock, as does modifications to the ECU. The top speed limiter does not throw faults.

How it works:

You will place your order right here from this link, we will send you a product order form. The ECU will need the be mailed to our headquarters which is noted on said product order form. In the box you will need to include that order form along with a paid order invoice. Once we receive, we will flash the ECU and send it back within 48 hours M-F. Install the ECU and you are good to go! Adaptations are not needed to be reset on this motorcycle unlike some other bikes we tune, this means great power and rideability in all circumstances without any additional tools.

In regards to questions pertaining to riding modes: All riding modes still work as designed, all will have the throttle improvements that we have implemented. Dynamic mode will still be what you want to use for maximum performance and power.

Shipping on the website is for RETURN shipping, this is the shipping cost and speed to get the ECU back to you via UPS. You will still need to pay to get the ECU to our headquarters.

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